The best energy-boosting self-care practice to pick up this year, according to your zodiac sign

March 10, 2020 at 02:00PM by CWC


Sometimes, to-do lists grow so long, it’s tough to focus on the items that are actually important. That resulting endless-feeling slog can make completing anything at all feel difficult and draining rather than empowering. Furthermore, sometimes what we think will help us actually goes against what will make us feel better. That’s where considering self care for zodiac signs may inspire some helpful, unique-to-your-sign energy-boosting ideas.

Below, check out the top tips from astrologers Kyle Thomas and Lisa Stardust to help you get the energy you need to crush your goals for the rest of the year.

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The best self care for zodiac signs, so each star sign can stay energized all year.

Aries: work out

These fiery rams are all about racing toward their goals at breakneck speed, which can also lead them to burn out faster than anyone else. Thomas suggests these cardinal signs channel their aggression in another way: at the gym. “For Aries, scheduling time for lifting or cardio will help them feel strong in their bodies and allow them to get out of their heads,” he says.

Taurus: prioritize quality sleep

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Taureans are very reliable, stable earth signs, but they also tire quickly. “Taureans need sleep more than any of the other zodiac signs in order to keep their strength and stamina up,” says Thomas. “Shutting off their phones so that they don’t stay up in bed all night will help .”

Gemini: read for pleasure


These chatty twins are known for running around in different directions at once, which can wreak havoc on their emotions, Thomas says. “Taking time to read for pleasure will allow them to let their minds wander and relax, rather than stressing about their day-to-day demands.”

Cancer: eat a nutritious breakfast

Especially when life gets intense for emotional Cancers, the fixed sign can help themselves keep energy high by prioritizing a healthy and invigorating nutrition plan. “If anything, at least starting the day with a balanced breakfast will help center them, even if the rest of their day is completely crazy,” Thomas says.

Leo: adopt a self-care beauty ritual

Leos “actually don’t feel happy if they aren’t presenting themselves well,” Thomas says. So to preserve a healthy sense of self-esteem and energy, he suggests a self-care beauty routine, whether that’s an elaborate multi-step facial or a few minutes with a jade roller. “This will allow them to unwind and recharge easily,” he adds.

Virgo: pick up a creative hobby

The perfectionists of the zodiac, Virgos can be very hard on themselves. “They often become frustrated if everything isn’t exactly as they want it,” says Thomas. “In order to preserve their energy, they should pick up a creative hobby this year that doesn’t have set standards of ‘perfect.’ So, think something soothing like journaling or painting. This will allow them to let loose and embrace expression, rather than just logic.”

Libra: get a massage

Libras are ruled by Venus, which means they enjoy the finer things in life. “Since Venus is the planet of beauty and romance, a massage is a Libra’s ultimate go-to for healing. They’ll let go of all their stressors and ignite their dreams,” says Stardust.

Scorpio: take a swim

These water signs are deeply reflective and need plenty of time to be by themselves. “Believe it or not, swimming is the best activity for a Scorpio to beat stress,” says Stardust. “They’ll be able to relax and stretch out their worries in their natural habitat.”

Sagittarius: spend time in nature

Sags are the travel aficionados of the zodiac, but realities of life (jobs, vacation days, money) rarely allow these fiery archers to stretch their wings and head away as often as they’d like. Still, Sagittarius can find other ways to satisfy their wanderlust. “To get outside their heads, it would be wise for them to take part in outdoor activities, such as long walks,” says Stardust. “This activity will not only allow Sagittarians to observe new scenery, but they’ll also let go of their daily triggers and annoyances.”

Capricorn: do low-intensity exercise

Capricorns are known for prioritizing work, and sometimes getting carried away by things like stressful coworkers or their own immense workload. Stardust says they’d do well to incorporate some relaxing, low-intensity physical activity in their daily routine. “Light stretching, yoga, and Pilates will bring air into their muscles and bones,” she says. “This will do immense wonders to help a Capricorn’s emotional and mental stability.”

Aquarius: take a tension-relieving bath

Although often mistaken for water signs, Aquarians are actually the last air signs of the zodiac. Often touted as eccentric and rebellious, they hate structure and anything restrictive, which can result in a sense of tension. “A warm bath with Himalayan sea salt and lavender will allow Aquarians to unlock the tension and tightness in their muscles, which is where they store all their frustrations,” says Stardust.

Pisces: attend a sound bath

Pisces are the most sensitive, intuitive signs of the zodiac, and they benefit from developing a spiritual practice to handle the intense emotions they feel so deeply. “Attending a meditative sound bath will help Pisces release anxieties and let them become more meditative,” says Stardust. “It will help them relax to the sounds of the music, and feel like a reset for their minds, which often envelop them in heavy feelings.”

Now that we’re clear on the best self care for zodiac signs, here’s the best morning routine for each zodiac sign, and the plant you need most (astrologically speaking, at least).

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