This Chic New High-Street Beauty Collection Is Set to Be a French-Girl Fave

June 16, 2020 at 06:30AM


There are very few high-street shops that manage to embody French-girl style as perfectly and effortlessly as Sézane. Over the years, the brand’s pretty pastel knits, laid-back crochet and iconic boxy shirts have come to epitomise French-girl style, and frankly, I couldn’t be more on-board with the whole aesthetic. It’s laid-back, easy and takes chic to a whole new level. However, with that being said, I was always aware that the brand was missing a pretty major trick. 

While I admit that French-girl style really is an art form, if you ask me, it’s the French girl’s approach to beauty that inspires me the most every day. For a brand like Sézane, which embodies all of the chicest, most stylish things about the French way of life, to not have a beauty offering always upset me a little. For too long I have been itching to discover the secret behind the effortless French-girl glow, and I have always had an inkling that Sézane could be the brand to hold the answers.

And now, finally, my wish has been granted. As pared-back and simple as one might expect, Sézane’s new beauty offering consists of bath, body and fragrance treats that look just as chic as they smell and feel. From an oily lip balm that keeps lips soft and supple all day long to a fresh, floral perfume that would impress even the hardest-to-please of noses, I’ve snapped up just about every beauty product Sézane has to offer. And believe me when I say they’re all totally dreamy. Ready to see the levels of chicness we’re dealing with here? Keep scrolling to discover the new, natural beauty collection.

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I’ve been slathering this deeply nourishing, lightly scented and not-at-all-greasy cream on my legs every morning to keep them looking glowing and healthy.

Not only does this look wonderfully chic on the shelf, but it also smells refreshing and sparkling. It’s perfect for the summer months.

My hands have never been drier, but this little tube of scented hand cream is providing all of the luxury hydration they need.

Speaking of hands, this non-drying hand soap looks wonderful on the side of my bathroom sink.

I’m fussy with lip balms, but I can’t get enough of this stuff. It’s lightweight and oily and almost impossibly nourishing.

The chic design of this bottle is enough to win me over, but the scent itself is also beautiful. Fresh, light and citrusy, it’s an all-round treat for the senses.

This little pouch is the perfect way to keep your handy beauty essentials all in one place. Next up, I just asked six makeup artists how to get your makeup to stay put in the heat.

Author Shannon Lawlor | Whowhatwear
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